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There are some companies that offer a “Lifetime Guarantee” or a “Forever Warranty” on their products. Some tried-and-true brands, such as Craftsman, Lands’ End and L. L. Bean have been around for a long time and offer similar guarantees.  The consumers who use these brands trust them to be reliable and dependable. The brand’s reputation and product quality alone offer peace of mind, with the guarantee being icing on the cake.

Signature Information Solutions offers a “certification” for many of its products, and it works something like a guarantee. To our customers, it is an extra layer of security knowing that we stand behind our work. This certification can offer our clients peace of mind at the closing table.

Signature traces its roots back to 1911 when legacy company Charles Jones was created. The term “Charles Jones” has continued on and become more than just a brand.  It has evolved over the years to become a term used interchangeably for a “name search” or an “upper court judgment search” in New Jersey.

Similar to the well-known companies noted previously, at Signature we focus on quality and reliability in our dealings with our clients. That is why Signature’s staff has worked to become subject matter experts. This helps us to assist our clients as we are able to answer complex questions they may receive from their clients. In addition, Signature staff is skilled in Customer Service. Our staff know our products, know our customers and know how to find the information our clients may need.

Anyone can offer a certification; the difference is what stands behind the certification. What do you value in your vendors?


The information provided is for informative purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice or a legal opinion.  For legal advice, please consult an attorney.

Patrick T. Roe

General Manager


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