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The information for this service is not readily available public information. After we validate the entity name to confirm it’s a true NJ company, we physically take the Franchise Tax Search request to the NJ Division of Revenue, Department of Taxation. The task of processing this information is in the hands of the state auditors. Therefore, when you place a Franchise Tax Search request, the results are dependent on the state to research and advise if the entity’s Franchise Taxes are current for the year.

Due to ongoing backlogs, obtaining this information from the Department typically takes as long as 6-8 weeks -- even longer during the “tax season” from February to June. There are times when we are able to obtain the report more timely if it is a common request. However, in the majority of cases, we are waiting to obtain the information from the auditors from the Department of Taxation.

The auditors tend to batch the information into cycles depending on their workload. Therefore, if the request misses a cycle, it will wait until the auditors next cycle. We have lobbied the Department for more timely service, but have been advised that they process many types of requests and their first priority is processing tax returns.

Patrick T. Roe
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing


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